Why do international dramas seem to be better quality? By Lola Louise

May 30, 2024

A lot of people avoid dramas that are dubbed but oh, they’re missing out on the juicy dramas that come from all over the world. Sometimes they hit so hard you can’t stop watching for a whole day till you’ve seen it all. Yes, you probably would have to wait for another season but worth it.

The quality of acting and writing is superior, usually you can’t put them down. An example for me which most won’t have seen is Black Space, it’s an arabic drama about the aftermath of a school shooting. This show had me in a choke hold, I couldn’t look away. I was so disappointed when it wasn’t renewed. The characters were three dimensional and completely relatable. It was a realistic portrayal of school, it wasn’t glossy like other shows portray it to be, it was hard hitting and you could feel for the characters. You know the times where you’re really feeling the same emotions and you’re second hand embarrassed at the decisions being made, it’s one of them. It’s one where you want to shout at the screen.

Another example would be In Love All Over Again, it’s genuinely so different to what’s out there, very unexpected. There’s nothing better than when you can’t see what’s coming next. I can never see where anything is going. All my guesses are wrong. Some bits are super awkward though. I’m just like no…

One of my underrated favourites is Rebelde which is a remake of the 90’s version. I couldn’t stop watching when it came out. I was that obsessed, it was that show that I needed badly at the time to keep me occupied. I love all the characters, they all had their own personalities, seeing the characters bond over the season was the sweetest thing. The music, I loved it, I’m still not happy they didn’t release a second season soundtrack. I want my girl MJ saying Danna Paola’s Mala Fama on repeat. She was amazing. Also, Pa Mala Yo by Natti Natasha. I do have to point out that the worst character through it all would have to be Jana, she was the most intolerable person ever who didn’t change whereas everyone else seemed to. I guess that’s what happens when you mostly get everything in life.

All of these are available in the hidden voids of Netflix. You’ll have to search it up the same way I have to every time.

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