June 20, 2023

There’s a lot of attitude and criticism when it comes to low budget content. Never anything constructive, just pure hatred (unless you’re surrounded by other Indie’s, then you get a lot of support). For those who don’t know what low budget means, 1 million is actually classed as low budget, believe it or not. But the ones in the high end won’t get the same criticism as no budget as they can afford all the best creators and technology, whereas most, they can’t, they work with what they can get ahold of.

A question to those who hate: Have you ever tried to get or raise money for filmmaking? That would be a no, otherwise, you’d have more respect for those trying to make content with a small amount of money they’ve saved on the side. Money doesn’t get handed to us freely, it comes with terms and conditions, that’s if we can even get the offer in the first place. For those who don’t know, these are the only ways you’ll get money for your project:

• Self Funding – This is not ideal as often it leaves you in debt with your future self.
• Grants – Grants aren’t accessible to everyone. They often have terms and conditions making them not accessible for most.
• Asking the public – Ever tried this method? It’s exhausting. Only a small amount want to help with it.
• No budget and see what you can get for free.

An even bigger question: What would you rather have? Would you rather have 10 million dollar content that has no story? Or would you rather have low budget that has a story? Think about it. One of the best things about being indie is, you get the time to create and craft beautiful stories without a narrow time frame or demand. You might not have the best equipment or software but you have a story that someone has put all their effort into to get off the ground in any way possible. If you could see the work that goes in and all the burning out to get things done, you’d have a lot more respect for the creatives and their low budget.

Most think this: Would I rather have no content or some content that isn’t the best quality? When putting your name out there, anything is better than nothing. There may not always be money involved in these productions but sometimes, you get more than money. You get an amazing experience and gain skills which you can take wherever you go.

If your friends ever trying to make content, think of all the hard work before you make assumptions and judge…Or, try it for yourself if you dare and then you’ll see a different side to the story.

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