Why Rachel Berry is the worst Glee character? By Lola Louise

January 26, 2024

Anyone who has watched Glee, they’ll know that the character of Santana and Quinn were made to look like the real villains of the story but I think everyone forgets and dismissed the toxic energy that is one Rachel Berry.

She is by far the most obnoxious, narcissist I’ve ever seen on a TV show. She walks the ground of the Earth like she’s the best thing that’s ever walked the planet. From the very beginning of the show, she constantly demeaned those around her, pulling them down in any way possible until they basically stayed silent and would never fight back. It always had to be her way and if anyone got in her way, she’d send them to a crack house, don’t worry it wasn’t an active crack house but still. Yes, this actually happened in the show. She sent poor Sunshine Corazon there because she can’t stand the fact that anyone can be better than her.

She was so petty that if anyone got the solo she wanted, she would quit Glee club, belittle whoever got the solo or say every way the person couldn’t possibly portray that person. She referred to the character of Artie as half a person for being disabled, like that alone should put her in a bad light but it was brushed off completely.

She got no consequences for her actions but when someone did something less worthy of being punished, she was the first to complain about them bullying when she in fact had something to say about everyone. Even her best friend, Kurt, he was getting stabbed in back. She would try to sabotage his career and future so she didn’t have to worry. Like the time they both auditioned for NYADA, she encouraged him not to do the song he wanted as he couldn’t be as good as the original singer, he changed his mind last minute and succeeded.

One thing that I wanted to see in the show that didn’t happen because if things don’t go her way the first time, she will always get it no matter what the consequences. I would have loved to see her not be accepted into any drama school. I wanted to see her have a proper challenge instead of everything being handed to her as usual.

The only time I felt sorry for her character was when Finn died as that was real life pain right there and it was actual hurt.

To me: If anyone says that insufferable Rachel is their favourite character, run the other way, they’re a red flag.

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