Why SVU will live on! By Lola Louise

March 12, 2023

Have you ever wondered why a series created in a certain decade is still running and they continue to be renewed?

Like SVU. It has been going since 1999. Around 24 episodes per season. It will has high viewing figures and a big fan base. This spin off has exceeded its predecessor and continues to. If you look into the characters, they all have their back stories, they have different personalities, there’s a character for everyone who watches to relate to. This show explores the harsh realities of crime victims and the damage it does to them, plus, it then flashes to the sentencing of the perpetrator. That is its unique selling point.

Each episode follows victims, no story is ever the same. Throughout time, the way crimes take place has evolved, it doesn’t just happen out on the streets or in someone’s home, it can be online. SVU is completely adaptable to this. It hasn’t dated or aged badly. It has flowed with the times and taken steps to ensure it’s relevant to newer audiences by portraying new issues but with the same care and delicacy as it always has. This show has empowered many real life victims to speak up about their stories and to get the help they need. The best shows aren’t just for entertainment, they can help people every day whether it’s through learning or just generally making others feel less alone.

Shows like this, despite having to be produced quite fast, they take time to ensure the writing is of quality and it’s meaningful. It doesn’t seem rushed. Even when new characters get introduced, you can grow to like them as they’re very three dimensional. Almost like, they’re real. The same with the guest stars and supporting cast too. They hit you in the feels and make you emotionally attached by being so relatable.

They don’t make them the same way as they did. There’s so much focus onto one aspect of the shows, that character development is often forgot about. Characters lack the thing that every day people have and that’s personality. It seems to be carbon copies of others and nothing new. Despite everyone being completely unique and complex in this world, the same things are done over and over again.

 SVU paved the way for great TV and as long as Mariska Hargitay is involved, it will continue to live on. If you haven’t watched the show, it’s high recommend. 10/10. Be prepared, you may need tissues for quite a few episodes.

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