Adam Barnes at Oakley Safehouse

July 26, 2012

First things first; you can’t ignore the surroundings. We’re sitting here in what accounts to the sort of club Soho House would aspire to, over looking the Thames and Tower Bridge with those over sized rings (we’re talking Olympics here). There are a bunch of Olympians sat down talking and trading stories and then there is Adam cutting a very different figure.

He doesn’t really need to do much to take notice. The opening sounds of “She Will Wait Beneath The Moon” strike out and as we watched Adam Barnes we felt as if we were floating in a bubble of relaxed harmony, reminiscing on hazy summer days. His performance was enchanting, a compilation of beautifully composed folk songs enhanced by an amazingly clear voice that achieved both subtletly and strength in one, quite a rare package!

Expressing a wealth of emotion both through his lyrics and his stage performance he exuded charm, his songwriting feeling like a raw exposure of inner thoughts and feelings, leaving us wanting more when his set came to an end. he was even considerate enough to throw in a couple of covers for those not familier with his own work. “Drops Of Juipitar” and “I Will Follow you Into The Dark”came one after the other and good as they were, to be honest they pale into his own writing.

One athlete couldn’t stop spreading the word about how good Adams performance was, with a photographer stopping to say just one word…. ‘Beautiful’ – and we couldn’t have said it better really.

We loved Adams performance and are looking forward to seeing him return (after squeezing in a mini tour of Germany first of course!) for a second performance at the Oakley Safehouse in London on 6th August 2012!

If you fancy finding out more about Adam, his tour dates, or you just want get your mitts on a copy of his new EP Live: From Washington to York you can visit his webpage here!

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