Against The Current – Live at Reading

August 27, 2017

we didnt think wed be able to squeeze american pop rock band against the current into our busy schedule this weekend, particularly with the festivals rescheduling issues, but as we passed them performing on the main stage we had to stop and listen to a song. And another. And another.

Move over momsen theres a new rock chick in town – and were head over heels for chrissy costanzas voice, smile and the entire set performed this afternoon. Full of charisma and with excellent stage presence, costanzas powerful vocals had us hooked from the first song running with the wild things, accompanied by the lively talent of band members dan gow (guitarist) and will ferri (drummer).

If youre like us and have never heard of against the current until today, youre not alone; when asked by costanza, many of the huge crowd atc had drawn remained silent. But as their album in our bones only debuted last year, youve got plenty of time to catch up with songs such as runaway, forget me now and most recently released young and relentless (august 2016). Gravity is also worth a listen; but if youre able to hear it live, the song was presented by the band as one of their favourites and this clearly came across in their rendition.

With the vocal range and expression of a disney princess but the filthy mouth youd expect from any character in a guy ritchie movie (fuck you, were gonna kick leeds’ ass! ), costanza and co. Rocked the festival with great melodies, memorable lyrics and a massive sound that made us want to dance and celebrate the late afternoon sunshine. Although there was the occasional tuning issue here and there, costanza could be forgiven considering the amount of effort and movement she put into dancing around the stage and the sheer magnitude that was her performance.

She was vivacious, they were energetic and their sound had us addicted from the first few chords. One more weekend had us wishing that our weekend could last a little longer, but as tomorrow marks the end of reading 2017, well have to settle for continuing the party on the car journey home; as we listen to against the current, windows down, sunglasses on and cigarettes in hand.


Set list:

1)      running with the wild things

2)      runaway

3)      gravity

4)      forget me now

5)      one more weekend

6)      roses

7)      talk

8)      blood like gasoline

9)      outsiders

10)   wasteland


reviewed by becca walker

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