Billy Nomates appears to quit music after torrent of abuse from dickheads over Glasto set

June 24, 2023

Billy Nomates did a brilliant performance at Glastonbury today that pleased all her fans and many other people lucky enough to see her. However, abusive arseholes online bombarded her with so much hate, she’s asked 6Music to take down her footage and appears to be quitting performing later this year as a result:#

We cannot stress enough how great Billy is, and how much we need her in the music scene. It is truly a tragedy of the modern world that people can’t just go ‘not for me’ and move on but have to create hate filled tirades from behind their keyboards, when they’ve probably never done anything creative or worthwhile in their tiny fucking lives.

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  1. Craig Hummer

    Amen to that

  2. David Wragg

    Sorry that BNM has had to endure this. It must be especially hard being a solo performer. I absolutely loved the set , the sound and the energy. Love to you.


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