Black Deer Festival: Far From Saints

June 17, 2023

This year Black Deer introduced the Jackson Social, an area of comfortable sofas and easier access to the bar. More importantly, an outdoor section with an excellent view of the Main Stage, all the better for sitting in the evening sun to listen to Far From Saints. You may be more familiar with Kelly Jones’ ‘other outfit’ Stereophonics. Having met Austin’s Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker of The Wind and The Wave when supporting his solo stint, we’ve waited four years for the release of their new album. And from the songs played today, it doesn’t disappoint!

Kelly Jones appreciated the audience wouldn’t know most of the songs today, but the crowd has stretched all the way back to the vintage ferris wheel in the distance. Opening with ‘Screaming Hallelujah’, we’re immediately met with a complimentary duet of husky lyrics between Kelly and Patty. They play Black Tattoo (one of the band’s favourites, and now one of ours) and Take It Through The Night, giving us rockier tones than most of the acts of the day, a heady kick drum making the blood pound.

Patty Lynn tells the crowd, ‘this wine tastes like apple juice and that’s dangerous’, but if it’s affecting her performance, it must only make her voice that much sweeter. It doesn’t matter that we can’t sing along, because each song – moving expertly from energetic to mellow – has been crafted to perfection, waiting to become steadfast favourites.

Words below Becca Bates – Pics by Louis Templeman

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