Black Deer Review: Caffè Nero & Morganway

June 27, 2023

During our time at Black Deer, we visited many parts of the festival. One of these places, Caffè
Nero, was especially great. It was basically like the main stage but inside of a cafe. It was a very
relaxing atmosphere, they had various bands and artists perform there while people were
comfortably sitting down at their tables. The performance we saw at Caffè Nero was
Morganway, who performed brilliantly in front of an adoring crowd.

Morganway is a band that started in 2013, they’re very reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and Bruce
Springsteen who are inspirations for the band. You could hear those inspirations coming out
when they performed.

Morganway were charismatic and knew how to work the crowd, encouraging their audience to
join in when they sang. There was never a dull moment with them on stage because they
always had a great stage presence.

Even with noise pouring in from other parts of the festival, the sound quality was really clear.
If you happened to be further away, you’d still be able to hear it just fine. If you’re looking for the
best experience however, I recommend getting there early and taking a seat closer to the stage.
Out of all the bands that we witnessed while at Black Deer, Morganway perfectly captured the
Americana feel, from the vocals to the instrumentation. Their songs felt as if they were pushing
the Americana genre rather than being restricted by it.

The vocalists were able to project their voices really well and the instrumentation was a great
complimentary accompaniment to the vocals. The songs they performed were full of energy,
catchy and most of all memorable, which may not be surprising to long time fans of Morganway.
They’ve toured across the UK multiple times and been at many different festivals including
Glastonbury, but hearing them perform inside a relaxing cafe with such great sound quality is a
unique experience that among many other experiences makes going to Black Deer worth it.

Text by NIM, Photos by David Court

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