Disclosure hit the Apple Music Festival

September 28, 2015

Disclosure at Apple Music Festival Review

by Joe Burek.

An early arrival meant we we’re able to catch both of tonight’s support acts. First up was “Nao” and her blend of R&B and Soul set a good mood for the evening, although lengthily pauses between songs disrupted the flow of an otherwise entertaining set. Lion Babe front woman and Beyonce lookalike Jillian Hervey, strolled onto stage wearing just a leotard and fishnets. Crawling along the stage like, well, like a Lion, to some trippy visuals made for an interesting watch. Her enthusiasm may not have always been matched by the audience but the tunes were good, particularly “Jump Hi” and know one in the house was having a better time then the bands other half, DJ Lucas Goodman.

As the sixty second countdown, displayed on the screens of The Roundhouse began, the crowd at the Apple Music festival prepared themselves for a night of epic dance music.

There was an impressive looking stage set made up of two platforms, both displaying a semi-circle of knobs and buttons which could be mistaken for the cockpit of the Star-Ship enterprise, one for each of the Surrey born brothers. There was a real buzz in the room and as the sound of reverb bellowed, the crowd joined in for the final count of five, four, three, two, one… The boys exploded with “White Noise” and although briefly questioning whether the live bass and digital drums were present out of necessity or just for show, it soon became irrelevant. Younger sibling Howard took to the mic for “Infected” as an impressive light show remained throughout. Today was also the release day of new album “Caracal” and the DJ’s assured the audience that while new tunes will inevitably be showcased, they wouldn’t be replacing the older classics.


Both of tonight’s guests, Lion Babe and Nao, joined the duo on stage for their respective collaborations along with Brendan Reilly and Kwabs. Any hope of an unlikely Sam Smith appearance turned out to be fruitless, although expected. There were a few occasions, particularly during new songs, where people seemed happy to favour a smoke or trip to the bar rather then hear what the new album had to offer, but when the tickets are free the punters are not all going to be Disclosure’s faithful.

However they didn’t seem to have any trouble raising the roof and had most of the Upper Tier out of their seats for the duration. Fists were pumped to “When a Fire Start’s To Burn” and new song “Nocturnal” had the brothers raised on a centre platform for a guitar-off.

Reilly came out to perform new song “Moving Mountains” for the Encore before Guy thanked the audience for what was a special evening, not just because of the new albums release, but because “We recorded the album 10 minutes down the road”. “One more song?”, “I said one more song?” and the Roundhouse roared as the night closed emphatically with fan favourite “Latch”.

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