Dr John at Hop Farm 2012

June 29, 2012

Or to give it the full title, Dr John & The Lower 911 ft. Jon Cleary… at Hop Farm 2012. Before we continue, just take a moment to look at that picture up there… you know this set was good. You can just tell.

What needs to be said about the New Orleans legend? The black hat with gold trim, the feathers, the blue suit. He’s just something else. The fact that he has played in Kent at least twice still astounds me. Let’s look at another picture of Dr John.


Oh mercy, if you died then you’d ask to come back looking like that.

Slinking his way through some of his finest work Dr John sounds part seedy bar, part God’s cocktail kitchen. It often sounds and feels like we’re in one of Disney’s more racy films, think Aristocats mixed with 101 Dalmations (which John did actually record a number for.)

Jon Cleary joining on keys was a special touch, in fact the whole band epitomised why a band is called a band. A group of people BANDing together to turn individual greatness into collective perfection. I don’t know if that’s the real reason that a band is called a band, but it fits.

He closes his set with Such A Night, a track that solidifies his aura as a narrator of twilight mayhem that’s seen it all. At it’s conclusion he humbly takes the applause, introduces his stellar band and slides off into the evening. Wherever he’s going, I wish I was going there too.

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