Drenge at Reading Festival

August 27, 2013

It’s raining outside, and a packed tent of people would rather be in here getting Drenge-d than outside getting drenched. Ahem.

You know how every school has a terrible band that somehow ends up covering Nirvana in assembly? These guys sound like that band if they had practised a bit more and stuck with it, instead of getting all shy and going off to become regular humans rather than musicians.

The pair of brothers thrash out a ruggedly dirty blues-rock sound, highly reminiscent of the filthy early days of Grunge. Raw bellows thrash out over a vast drone, elements of stoner rock can be found and a lot of this sounds like it came from a big red desert rather than Sheffield. As well as the singer/guitarist, the drummer is also at the front of the stage signifying the prominence of its neanderthal crunch.

One track ends with a jagged fuzz of menacining plodding that stretches out into a giant purposeful blast. Meanwhile, ‘Face Like A Skull’ has a more bouncy Garage Rock feel to it. Before the opening intro has finished about half the tent are already jumping. Crowdsurfers creep across the audience like sped-up starfish on the sea bed, and the singer leaps in and joins them. The band are joining Peace on tour in the Autumn, if you want something to completely bludgeon your senses then heading along to see them would be a smart idea.

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