Everyone needs Fickle Friends

August 27, 2017

SupaJam have found our favourite pop band at Reading and we had the most amazing time listening to them this afternoon. Self described as ‘just a little indie band from Brighton’, Fickle Friends should be in all your summer playlists, and if you haven’t already discovered some of their feel-good singles, ‘Glue’ has recently been released and we highly suggest a listen.

Smoothing over a false start at the NME/BBC Radio One stage, Fickle Friends launched into 2016 released ‘Brooklyn’. From where we were sitting further back in the sun, we could already tell that this was a set to dance and drink our beers to, and we quickly gathered our things to join a growing crowd.

It’s easy to see why we and so many others were unable to remain sitting as lead singer Natassja Shiner’s vocals and enthusiasm complimented the band and synth-pop sounds, lifting us from the grass to our already tapping feet. If you’re a fan of some of Paramore’s newer singles, you’ll definitely enjoy similar sounding Fickle Friends as Shiner immediately reminded us of a softer sounding Hayley Williams.

Asking us if we were ‘ready for a crazy Sunday?’ (we weren’t at the time, it’s the 3rd day of Reading after all – but we soon changed our minds!), the band were met with cheers and toasts as we all decided that maybe we’d rested enough now to have some more fun. And fun this band and their music are, with singles ‘Hello Hello’, ‘Say No More’ and recently released ‘Vanilla’ making a pleasant, upbeat change from the rock that has dominated our schedules over this weekend.

Shiner seemed genuinely excited to be playing the festival, telling the audience ‘This is so cool…I wanna see you sweating like me!’, appearing human to the crowd and (being hot and sweaty ourselves) allowing us to relate and feel involved in the whole performance. Finishing on their single ‘Swim’, Shiner plugged their upcoming gig at the Forum in London on the 26th of October, so if you don’t believe us, are looking for a pick me up or simply want to hear some great pop tunes, we’d definitely recommend you go and check them out for yourselves.

Set List:

2)Hello Hello
4)Cry Baby
6)Say No More

Reviewed by Becca Walker

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