FKA Twigs showcases beautiful performance as sun sets on West Holts Stage, Glastonbury

June 29, 2015

Accompanied by a supporting cast of musicians suspended tentatively over percussive machines, a platoon of male dancers dressed half naked and covered in glitter, and an androgynous female counterpart, FKA Twigs is the author of a entrancing and wholesome performance at Glastonbury 2015.

It is as much minimalist as it is utterly refined, with the construction of these percussive pieces never becoming predictable or overly languid. When she seaps into a kind of stewing piece like ‘Water Me’, her movements react and echo its nuances, however, equally the frenetic nature of ‘Video Girl’ is responded to with almost anthropodean angular movements.

Dressed in a choke collar, she cuts an almost ethereal, inhuman figure throughout the set. With her movements and processes so alien, she’s almost unrelatable. However, before the last run of the set, FKA Twigs talks into the microphone, and can barely talk she’s so out of breath. “Thank you so much, Glastonbury!” she giggles in between sentences, articulating her feelings of utter surprise. “It’s so nice to be here in my home Country. I’m actually from Gloucestershire.” As she’s so incredibly talented and dynamic, it would bring a little balance to the Universe if she had the accent, but no. All of a sudden, though, she seems so human.

‘Two Weeks’ brings an end to the set and is an indulgent, sleeping giant. “I know it hurts. You know I’d put you first (I can fuck you better, better). You say you want me I say you’ll live without it. Unless you’re the only. One who instigates, got your mouth, open your heart”Her frank lyrical style reverberates, clashing with the soul-swallowingly pronounced bass timbres. Its climax arrives when a 1-minute-long, hectic and grandiose drum fill attacks the stage,FKA Twigs (Tahliah Debrett Barnett) is being tossed metres in the air across the stage, confronting each of her dancers one-by-one and either being on the end of a symbolic rejection, or dishing it out.

She has achieved utter acceptance here, however, with one of the most compelling and complete performances on display over the weekend.

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