Flight Brigade at Oakley Safehouse

July 30, 2012

Our international guests are treated to a very British affair today. Ladies wearing flowery dresses and men wearing honest stubble were making some gorgeous folk that drifted out across the Thames. It was a stripped down affair from Flight Brigade (who usually have 7 members, 4 played today) that laid the quality of the melodies bare.


Wistful late Summer violin sliced through the whole sound handsomely. A cover of Tom Waits’ ‘ Cold Water’ was a highlight. The original stomps in the surf while Flight Brigade’s version pulls out a lilo and drifts off out to sea. It perfectly accompanied the rustic scenery of the cycling which was being shown on an adjacent screen.

There was a brief interruption from Team USA who were hi-5ing a shooting gold medal. It was a surreal moment in a surreal surrounding but overall the atmosphere was warm and receptive.

Flight Brigade are one of many acts who are featured on Supajam’s Safehouse Sessions album. DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE HERE.


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