Florence And The Machine – Glastonbury

June 27, 2015

In a Glastonbury full of controversial headliners The big question was would Florence step up from maid of honour duties and claim bride of the year award.

Any fears of a static set having broken her own foot 2 months previously were banished in her opener “what the water gave me” as Florence leapt, pirouetted and jumped about the stage like some demented woman who’d visited the stone circle 20 minutes earlier and been granted a new lease of life.

We wanted a choir but didn’t have time to get it together so Glastonbury will you be our choir” she asked before “shake it off” with 75,000 people duly obliging. If there’s anything Glastonbury loves it’s an underdog rising to the occasion. Think Pulp in 1995 and Basement Jax in … actually don’t think about that.

And so Florence delivers. She delivers a surprisingly large arsenal of big hits (you got the love, Ship to Wreck” “What The Water Gave Me” “Rabbit Heart” “Dog Days” , “Shake It Off”) and some pretty hearty album tracks as well, the best coming from new album ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’. She gets us on each other’s shoulders making a pyramid of love and she even manages a rather tender version of Foo Fighters “Times Like These”

Yes her vocals are occasionally off but with the amount of leaping around the crowd forgive her and by the time it comes to her final song and she asks everyone to gamely take off an article of clothing and wave it above their heads they duly oblige. Of course you can’t have a “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine moment” without Flo doing the same and so she strips off to her bra before running off into the night and no doubt up to the Stone circle.

Glastonbury duly won over, Florence can rest easy that her moment has come and she is now a worthy headliner.

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