Glastonbury Review: Alison Goldfrapp

June 25, 2023

Alison Goldfrapp has done some heavy, Bowie level reinvention over the years, so the crowd at the Park stage isn’t sure what to expect: this could go in many directions, all of them brilliant. When Alison takes the stage she is dressed as the coolest Crow in the club, complete with large, blackout glasses.

Is this a style statement, or has she had a great weekend here?

From the first note, it’s apparent we’re getting electro Alison, and a light, optimistic full of summery modern disco embraces us all on the field. Bless her, she’s not got too big of an ego not to shout out the names of the songs for anyone who loves this and wants to hear it again later.

She calls us friends, and that’s the vibe. This isn’t a contract picking up performance, this is Alison really connecting with the site, with the situation, and loving performing for the many people here. They love her too.

The music is already sensual when Alison picks a man out in the crowd and says ‘ooh look at him’. She questions him again later: ‘how long have you been here?” “Wednesday.” She is impressed, but gets in a cheeky ‘what are the loos like?’ She knows the score.

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