Glastonbury Review: ALT-J

June 25, 2023

We’ve chosen to end our Glastonbury experience with a healthy dose of weirdness, in the form of the uncategorizable Alt-J. It’s a sundown set, fatigue is wearing in, and we’re ready for a journey through the oddities of sound.

Is there a more appropriate band for Glastonbury? Not in terms of headliners, but in terms of the fields where around every corner something fascinating and different happens, and that’s exactly what Alt-J are like. There’s a definite ‘sound’, with that pain in the soul vocal, but all sorts of sounds and lyrics follow.

They hit some early classic at the start, and once again we are treated to one of music’s oddest but greatest images: licking you like a crisp packet.

We swear there’s werewolves howling at one point, and given this is Alt-J, they probably are. Mid set, they stop to tell the crowd how much they love Glastonbury, and say if you knows the words, please, do sing along. Matilda follows. Unusual though the music might be, the performers are polished and know their stagemanship.

They announce it’s been ten years of Glasto for them, and 11 since their first album, so they’ll play three off it to end… but it’s not the end, we actually get a one more song chant and an encore of several! The final finish is saying thanks for picking Alt-J over Elt-J, and then its Breezeblocks.

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