Glastonbury Review: Alvvays

July 1, 2024

Molly Rankin and her Alvvays clan drove overnight from Luxembourg to get to Glasto. Once there, it was to perform in the same tent they occupied a decade previous. In the time that has passed, this Nova Scotian band have amassed a further two records, each of which has expanded the indie template from whence they came. Where have they ventured? A dream pop idyll. In the Woodsies tent before a passionate crowd, they sounded just as they do on record: immaculate.

The focus was their critically acclaimed third outing, Blue Rev, and they delivered it with both a road-hardened efficiency and emotion that hit the mark. The highlights were many. The doe-eyed romance of ‘Dreams Tonite’ had arms swaying, the supercharged marital crisis saga, ‘Archie, Marry Me’, had firsts pumping, and the frenetic ‘Pomeranian Spinster’ had people jumping. The insistent new wave synths of ‘Very Online Guy’ was a delicious earworm, so too the surging ‘Belinda Says’, which contains a modulation at the back end that captures in a moment the fine songwriting mind within this brilliant band.

In fact, Alvvays’ reverb soaked, Smithsian jangle sends the brain firmly into the right hemisphere, splintering and tossing the mind into a molecular terrain. That’s a highfalutin way of saying that they invoke a blissful daze. Let’s hope album number four isn’t too far away because we’re hungry for more of this. And we aren’t alone. A rapturous send-off following a climactic ‘Easy On Your Own?’ seemed to send the same message.

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