Glastonbury Review: Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam

June 25, 2023

As ever, Glastonbury’s traditional Sunday afternoon Legends slot welcomes a legend, in the form of long lasting folk troubadour Cat Stevens. It’s still sunny, and Cat takes to the stage with his energy high and his voice still doing great things with his songs.

He’s a humble man, and he knows what slot he’s got, so he frequently speaks to the crowd to explain he was around in the 60s, he played this song a lot on a tour with Jimmy Hendrix etc. This isn’t done as name dropping or showing off, it’s a man genuinely doing his best to explain to a young crowd who might not know him what they’re seeing. It’s important context, provided in a lovely way.

It’s a hit packed set. Emotional, but laid back, a perfect summer’s folk for this hot day, with Cat sweetly warning us about things like “it’s quite a meditative one but quite loud.” I mean it isn’t loud, it’s just one more slice of chilled beauty that tugs at the heart.

We weren’t expecting him to stop and get the crowd to cheer a big thank you to the NHS and all its staff, but it’s nice someone cares.

The full crowd singalong to Wild World was a touching moment too, and the highlight of a great set. He thanks us for a beautiful moment, and says we’re too sweet, and launches us into another massive karaoke moment with Father and Son. Then it’s over.

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