Glastonbury Review: Fontaines DC

June 29, 2024

It’s been a chill Glastonbury so far. The weather is nice, the mood is great, the music has been relaxing, so we’ve decided to round the official schedule off today by going to something very different…

Yes, we watched Fontaines DC. Within sixty seconds of the them starting the chill vibes of the day are gone. We’re in the world of complex post punk, sounds that might be dissonant on their own merging together to create a spiky, grimy world which, if we’re being honest, better reflects life outside Glastonbury than anything happy.

There is an iron core to these songs, the sort of iron men would risk their lives for in nineteenth century furnaces as it ran out on the sand in front of them. Around that is flashes and sparks of sound, like knives or teeth of a wild animal, all held together with vocals that are undeniably poetic, but threatening and heavy.

I said wild animal, and I think that’s Fontaines DC. There’s a huge power here, but it’s coiled up ready to pounce. You know they could go harder, but they keep you just this side of sanity. It’s warmer than some post punk, this isn’t a cold detached set, this is passion, surging roaring passion infusing everything, and that’s what makes them among the best of their peers. That they reproduce their sound not just perfectly live in a British field, but make it even more urgent, is brilliant.

It’s a good thing Glastonbury’s fields go on deep into the night, because thanks to Fontaines’ energy we aren’t sleeping.

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