Glastonbury Review: James

June 30, 2024

There’s two of the Supajam team ready to watch James, and I’m doing the review. The other is a massive James fan and we’re letting him just vibe out to it, which I think is fair.

Now, it’s hard to review a James performance, because they’ve had decades of practice, a vast catalogue of great songs, and we’ve never seen them be less than excellent. Unless there’s technical problems (and there have been this weekend), it’s going to be awesome…

…and there were no problems, and it was awesome. Tim came on in a hat and jacket, but those were soon discarded (possibly because not many fabrics can survive a his dancing, which today, as ever, looks like he’s just touched a live mains line).

It’s weird really. Often a band on at 3pm at Glasto doesn’t have a big catalogue, can’t make every song a winner, but James could perform for four hours and never drop the excellence. We’re not sure why they’re on at 3, but any appearance is welcome and the set mixes hits with the new material which is up to their standard.

There’s an interesting moment when they bring it down for one and Tim says “this is a listening song.” An insight into how they view their material, presumably ones to listen to, and ones to dance like a firecracker too.

Overall another titanic gig from James. Lets get them on later next time.

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