Glastonbury Review: Jungle

June 29, 2024

It’s a little odd when Jungle come on stage, because they open into a song that’s a true summer anthem, a beach and sun vibe… but it’s dark. This was a song made for open top drives and walking by the sea, and that’s no slight on them, it’s a beautiful tune. Luckily as they glide through their next songs the vibe adjusts to partying in the dark.

Smooth. Everything is smooth, like someone’s made disco hits modern. That said, there’s still a little bit of grit, something you can get a hold of and really engage with. It’s at this point we wonder whether the light show should have come with a strobe warning, but it helps make this a perfect vibe. We hesitate to say it, but this set would not work in the rain… but thank Cthulhu, it is not raining and everything is perfect for us to slip into something comfortable.

Most of Jungle’s vocals are like a choir of angels serenading you. Let us be honest for a moment: it’s very difficult to listen to Jungle with a view to writing about it, as the tones and the feel just drift you off into fantastical and glorious mental spaces where you don’t have much contact with reality. It’s very hard to analyse Jungle, you must vibe, and let’s be honest again, music isn’t for study but a deep in the synapse experience and Jungle are masters at it. When they sing you’ll be miles away, well, we all are.

In this election year, when Britain is faced with a bad choice and an awful choice, the water is polluted and milk costs five quid a bottle it is quite remarkable this UK duo can come up with something so open and comforting and glorious. Maybe still better on a beach, which they must agree with as we were all pounding beach balls back and forth at the end. Not sure where they came from.

After a hypnotic and dreamy encore, we head into the night for further adventures.

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