Glastonbury Review: Little Simz

June 30, 2024

Little Simz takes to the stage with a leather jacket that bears her name and a pair of black shades. She radiates confidence, with (at first) no need for backing singers, dancers or a band. Prowling alone, she has the crowd eating out of her hand. In fact at one point she does the full rock star, gets off the stage and does a tour of the fence holding the audience back and presses some flesh (flanked by some very large men).

The lyrics are a combination of carefully crafted poetry and deep thoughts on socio-political issues, delivered with no slips or stutters. A polished, deeply practiced performance that started with the pen.

However, twenty minutes in and the sunglasses come off as some live musicians emerge. There’s a sense that a point has been proved and she’s relaxing into it. Not the lyrics of course, they’re still straight pointed fire. Curiously the musicians then leave and after a while a DJ appears. We hope they’re not being paid by the minute. This is accompanied by a brilliantly realised dance sequence as black clad people wearing shiny motorcycle helmets looks marvellously dystopian.

A single red clad dancer backs up the next song… which is a special one. It’s a debut of a new song and the audience cheer in rapture. Definite thumbs up from the crowd.

At the end, the ever confidant look on Little Simz face turns into a mixture of pride and, yes, relief. She needn’t have had any nerves, she was great and the crowd were here for it and never dipped.

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