Glastonbury Review: Maisie Peters

June 23, 2023

This will be my first time seeing Maisie Peters, who’s performing in the middle of the day at the Pyramid Stage. Given she’s toured with Ed Sheeran, I’m expecting someone that’s perfectly at home with a large crowd… but when Maisie performs, she seems absolutely thrilled to be here.

Running through heartbreak songs with a huge grin on her face, she tells the crowd this is her first Glastonbury, and I don’t think we’ll see anyone happier and more comfortable all weekend.

She’s a hard edge pop act, taking the stage in heavy combat boots, playing a guitar sometimes but others prowling the stage, which she entirely owns. The crowd love it, especially when she commands them to clap which they do. Honestly you’d think she’d been coming here for the last eight years.

The songs are good. Catchy, honest, of broken hearts and strong recoveries, but sold expertly. Hundred per cent pop excellence. It might seem strange to be in the middle of a sunny day at a vibing festival to be deep in the feels, but it’s a good pain. “This one goes out to all my delusional girls…” Well, we’re all taking that one. There’s heartbreak, but we’re alive and partying through it.

Also if you have a friend called Kate who has a brother, boy does she have a song for you.

Someone tells me Maisie started out busking, a hard apprenticeship and she’s reached the pinnacle now. Then she tells us her album, The Good Witch, came out last night. Bit hard for us all to buy it on the spot, but I’m sure we will when home.

A thrilling and bright start to the slate.

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