Glastonbury Review: Sugababes

June 28, 2024

The original Sugababes lineup took to the Glastonbury stage, and there’s an immediate thing to say. Throughout the groups original success and changes there was always a sadness for Siobhan Donaghy after she left early on, compounded by the struggle the trio had to get the rights back to the Sugababes name when they reformed. It’s great to see all three back, having fun, being successful.

The trio were backed by a live band who stayed in the background, leaving the Sugababes themselves to work the forefront of the stage. They rattled through a catalogue that contains banger after banger, and their voices are strong and great. It’s interesting to hear this band performance as it highlights how these are all musically great songs which stand up to being performed as a live music festival rather than on CD in a club. Glastonbury is changing its focus and the music it hosts, but even if you’re wedded to the older vibes the Sugababes fit in. We don’t want to sound snobbish about a certain brand of modern music, but these are real songs, excellently performed.

The crowd was large and they loved it. People definitely made sure they were here specially for the Sugababes. Ironically the most iconic part of the show was when they sat down… yes they had stools brought out to do their classic early single moves and it was pure fire. Imagine being so cool you’re performing at a festival known for people jumping around and you absolutely boss it by sitting down.

The ladies remind us several times the drink of the show is rum punch, which is nice but its not like we can nip to the bar to get some, but the chant of olly olly olly aye aye aye is answered feverishly. At the they thank the band and disappear offstage, having set the mood for both pop heads going to dua and everyone else who wants a festival that’s fun and effortlessly cool.

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