Glastonbury Review: Texas

June 23, 2023

Earlier today, one of our team said Maisie Williams was the happiest person in Glastonbury. They were wrong. Texas are the happiest people. They come bounding onto the stage and tell us they haven’t played here since 1999 with the enthusiasm and excitement of people who have waited with baited breath every single year for the invite. They’re smiling, they’re thrilled, we know the energy is going to be immense.

1999? Can it really be twenty four years? But as you think you realise yes, it’s been that long since Texas were at the height of their career, when they were last in the public consciousness. As they play and the set goes on, you realise this isn’t just a fun piece of information, this is a crime. They play great song after great song. Everything is well played, the vocals haven’t faded, there’s no filler. How were this band not still huge?

Sharleen is having fun. She gets the crowd dancing. She asks a man in a mask if it’s a gimp mask and if anyone’s shagging at the festival. She tears up near the end at the emotion… and we tear up to, because Texas have been hard done by, but here they are, back on the Pyramid Stage in a reasonable slot, and we hope many more people get to hear them.

Photos by David Court

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