Glastonbury Review: The Comet is Coming

June 23, 2023

Do you like jazz? What do you think jazz is? If you think Jazz is boring, The Comet is Coming is the perfect way for you to slide into that world. This isn’t some refined, boring group, this is three people who play mind melting cosmic space jazz.

At Glasto today, the guy on keys is wearing shades which make him look like a 60s astronaut, and their music is informed by the subtle synths sounds and landscapes which he makes. Sci-fi is right, because he’s producing soundtrack music for an alien invasion. The drumming backs him up, making the whole thing propel forward with constant energy and never stopping.

But there’s something else. In fact there’s one giant else. The saxophone is front and centre and the star of the show. Space is only the backing to a virtuoso display of sax madness. If you don’t like sax this isn’t for you, because the sax if the rocket ship journeying through the band’s sky. It’s brutal at times, it’s beautiful at others, if really is a trip.

The Comet truly came to Glastonbury and took us with it.

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  1. Martin

    What wonderful sounds ‚ that gave me such pleasure


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