Glastonbury Review: Warpaint

June 23, 2023

It’s been a long, hot, sunny day. It’s been like that for several days, but today I’ve hit several bands and written them up in high heat… and now I get to do something special. I’m at the Woodsies stage, which means it’s still light outside but inside the vast tent it’s dark, and I’m about to watch Warpaint.

The darkness after a hot day is the perfect time for Warpaint, the all woman band who specialise in ethereal trips into a dream world. You know they have the talent to evolve one more time and become huge, but you don’t want them too because they’re so good at just creating a warm but adventurous soundscape. Using guitars, bass, drums and beautiful vocals, they cruise us through an early Glastonbury night every big as comfy and enlightening as walking the actual Glastonbury night.

There’s plenty of darkness in their dream, of course, but that’s how I like it.

In a sense, they’re a modern Lush who never Pokimon’d into a pop act. We all sway along to a set that’s been perfected over the years, and halfway through I already know I’m not off to see the Arctic Monkeys, I’m going to ride this vibe all night through the rest of what this festival has to offer.

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