Indigo Earth at Hop Farm 2012

July 1, 2012

First thing I notice was that three of the band had flowers either drawn on their face or draped around their person. Very festival.

They played some fiery acoustic folk with moving harmonies, the inclusion of keys added a bit of drama. Not like SHARON KISSED STACY drama, but it was still a touch of excitement. There was one bit where the frontman and woman were both playing their guitars and moving their hips in unison. I don’t know if this was intended, but it was pretty cool.

On one song their combined voices, joined with some relatively tribal drumming, reminded me of Fleetwood Mac – Tusk. This is cool because I like Tusk. It also reminded me of that one bit in Boosh where they talk about Tusk.

For the end of the set, Amy put away her guitar and prowls delicately around the matchbox stage. There was kneeling, eye-closing and Diana Vickers hands. They closed with a jaunty number that got a few people involved. The band looked genuinely happy to be there, which was cute.

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