Jazz: Live Review from Black Deer By David Court

June 19, 2022

Jazz is a talented singer-songwriter studying at SupaJam’s music college. She is mere weeks away from completing her final year and is at the beginning of her music career.

Jazz was awarded her slot at Black Deer in recognition of her student performance ‘Forget to Forget’, an original performed at the festival as part of the larger student set in 2019. It has been 3 years, and Jazz’s voice has only grown and matured in that time.

She joins the band beautifully in her first song ‘Miss You Anymore’ and carries each verse and chorus with grace and confidence. It is easy to see the impact Jazz has had both inside and outside of the college with her music, as she has drawn huge crowds from staff, students and the public alike, cited for many as their ‘moment of Black Deer’.

She draws a laugh from us all when she introduces her second song, but forgets the name (and it’s the return of the winning ‘Forget to Forget’!) but this only endears her more to her growing fans. The song is completely stripped back with an accompaniment of piano and backing vocals, and this serves as an opportunity for the audience to really connect with the lyrics. The magic of Jazz’s songs are her expression of those raw moments that most of us have also experienced, and we are right here with her in this moment.

A Fleetwood Mac cover of ‘Dreams’ gives Jazz’s band a chance to further show their own skills, with vocals from her also hugely talented student peer Charlotte alongside some of the exceptional staff musicians from SupaJam.

After ‘Save Me From Myself’, another original that, in Jazz’s words ‘I think everyone can relate to’, she finishes her set with ‘Great Escape’. I look around at the crowd and there are tears flowing for those who are proud of how far she has come in the last 5 years and those that she has touched today with her purity and honesty on stage. Today has been a milestone for Jazz, and we are all excited to see where life takes her next.

Photos by David Court

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