Kingsfoil at 3Sixty, Reading

May 27, 2013

Kingsfoil‘s UK tour swings into 3Sixty at Reading’s students union. Apparently, Friday night isn’t one of the nights when students usually go out here… because the brightest young minds of the future need to be told where & when to have fun. This seems to be a trend among students and it’s really sad to think of how much they miss out on during their last throes of youthful freedom just because they’re scared of going somewhere without all of their friends joining them. But there were enough people here for a show, so a show was had.

A raw and loud opening comes from Terrics, while some power-punk is lashed out from 3-piece Launch Control. Their leaping and enthusiasm is rewarded with a gradually filling crowd, including a keen group at the front who join in with a singalong. Main support band Skies were a little more similar to the headliners with their breezy Indie. It was spiky but fun, and the singer had a good hat. The drumming was particularly tight and the guitarist ended the set with a broken string and blood all over his instrument, nice!

At the beginning of Kingsfoil’s set, there is a very clear divide in the crowd. Jamming the left side in front of the drum kit are those who have turned up to see Hollywood actor Frankie Muniz, meanwhile on the right are a sizeable group of people who are here for the band. This includes a row of people along the front who had all worn shirts dedicated to Kingsfoil’s bass player Tim. He’s not dead or anything, they just seemed to love him. Partially because of his bassy rumble, partly his dreamy eyes, and probably because of his fantastic guns as well.

The novelty of Muniz soon wears off though. There’s only so long you can stand gawping at the drummer when a striking blonde frontman is stalking the stage in an effort to win your attention. Over 45 minutes you’ve got to have the songs and performance to justify those people standing there. Luckily, Kingsfoil have been going for over ten years and as a result they can deliver a well-honed Rock gig.

To cut straight to the chase, they are able to do that. It’s cool American Indie, shades of early Maroon 5 with some pumped up arms-in-the-air moments. Recent single ‘What Your Mother Taught You’ gets the most active response of the night with energetic bouncing throughout the chorus. Why not listen to it right now?

What’s Frankie like as a drummer then? Perfectly decent. He’s been hitting the skins for about 15 years and has now played over 150 gigs with Kingsfoil. Some good fills, some solid beats and he lead a few audience claps. Before the show he was mildly concerned about playing a song he’d only learned that day but he needn’t have worried, if he fluffed a note then it wasn’t noticeable. He doesn’t reinvent the wheel but he doesn’t claim to, and he could fit into any number of respectable upcoming bands without seeming out of place. Job done.

They pulled up some guy called Nick from the crowd to come and freestyle with them during one song. It’s safe to say that Nick won’t be bothering the Hip-Hop charts this Summer, but he gave it a good sporting go. During ‘Grapevine Valentine’ frontman Jordan makes his way to the front of the barrier and is viciously held onto by some girl. She didn’t want to let him go, despite the minor issue of him having a song to sing. The band are called out for an encore and various clothing items are thrown at them, including a signed shirt for Tim from his fan club.

There’s potential here. The songs are memorable and the band are handsome, which is a good starting point. But they’ve been avidly plugging away for over a decade and they spent nearly an hour meeting people after the show, that sort of dedication adds up over time. There’s whispers of another tour in the Autumn, if they’re not visiting your neck of the woods this time around then we urge you to go and see them then.

To bag yourself two FREE downloads from Kingsfoil, and to see the rest of their current UK tour dates, then head over HERE.

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