Kylie Minogue at iTunes Festival, London

September 28, 2014

Giant lips the size of YOUR MOTHER’S sit plump and red in the middle of the stage as a misty video of a wet Kylie projects out to the audience. Feather-clad dancers pose dramatically as the intro tape draws to a heartstopping conclusion. As the lights come up, they reveal Ramsey’s Street’s most famous daughter casually lounging across those lips, seemingly unaware of the tumult erupting throughout Camden’s Roundhouse.


Desperate hands claw at the stage as she strolls past to the robust beat of ‘Wow’. She’s hitting her stride, the audience is in the palm of her hand, the atmosphere is heating up and now… costume change. She’s renowned for them, and if you expect her to spend the whole show in jeans and a t-shirt then you’re a tit. But they really kill the buzz. Her backing crew entertain with flexibility, stripping, and a dance-off between what looked like the world’s campest street cleaners, but it’s a piss-break for plenty. When she comes out after with a 7-foot head-dress it makes sense, but when it’s a simple top and shorts combo then you wonder if it was worth it.

The house-pop ‘On A Night Like This’ was a amplified by an incredible mesh of lasers that nailed the holiday-island club feel. It was a high point, and as Kylie’s hair was dramatically blown by a big fan, the Roundhouse felt like part of Kevin & Perry Go Large in the best way possible (no zit popping or sea pooping). These lasers were used in the intense techy climax of ‘Slow’, which followed immediately afterward. Kylie was gyrated around by an awfully flexible bloke who looked like her own personal playhuman.

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