Lights at Hop Farm 2012

July 2, 2012

Lights is her legal name apparently. So we’re already off to a winner.

Her music is a mesh of synth-heavy Indie-rock with pop and new-wave thrown in. There’s even the weekend’s first, last and probably only dubstep drops as well. There’s a giant atmosphere and Lights often adds the sparkle on top, like a tiger dancing on a glacier.

Her bassist/synth player has a can of Strongbow on stage with him, what a lad. Meanwhile, I noticed halfway through another grandoise electro-pop crescendo that her other synth player was going pretty wild on a Theremin. I had to look up the name of that.

Lights is a bewitching frontwoman, she doesn’t act overtly sexy or dress like a street-walker, but because she is constantly in love with the sound that is around her it’s difficult not to go along with it.

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