Mallory Knox at Takedown Festival

May 13, 2013

Sleeveless member count: 0/5

The main stage at Takedown is stupidly hot. A giant fan at the back of the room makes little difference to the overall temperature of the room as it is jammed all of the way to the back. Without getting into head-counting territory, we’re pretty sure it’s the biggest crowd of the day.

Jumping bodies are silhoutted in the sweaty mist as chest-beating choruses ring out. Arm swaying intros often blend seamlessly into tuneful heaviness. The band have hooks the size of planets, which have helped them gatecrash daytime radio over the last few months, and they cause the crowd to bounce all the way back past the sound-desk as they are belted out.

You’ve got to be careful when throwing around “next big something” labels. You can look like a collosal tit when you make a hot pick and they burn out with little to show for it 6 months later. As it stands, everything is set for these guys to become one of the biggest British bands of the next 5-10 years. The path is paved, but can they walk it? What will set them apart in the long run? There are many questions like this that may have to be answered for the band to hit their full potential.

But the vertically upside-down crowdsurfer during ‘Lighthouse’ probably doesn’t care about such queries, and his opinion is the most important one. Enjoy it when it happens, and if it doesn’t happen then we didn’t tell you it was going to happen. But if it does happen then we totally called it months ago, and again today. I also hope that crowdsurfer didn’t break his neck, because that would put a downer on things and cause him great difficulty in day-to-day life. They need more sleeveless members though. Their singer also looks loads like Tilda Swinton, so it’s very easy to have an unsure crush on him.

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