Palm Reader at Reading Festival

August 24, 2013

Relatively local boys Palm Reader were second on the bill in the Lock Up tent. If hungover campers wanted to be soothed into the day, then this wasn’t the place to be. Outright Hardcore that would kick its own mother was available here, on Facebook they describe their genre as ‘lairy’.

Although the crowd at this sinful hour was of a good size, it felt quite flat for the first two songs. Suddenly, their track ‘Spineless’ roared out from the stage and within 15 seconds a ten metre diameter circle pit had begun. Yay! It morphed into a whomping throwdown and stayed open for a significant chunk of the set.

Singer Josh poured out red-hot fury to match his beetroot, sweaty face. His vocals held impressively throughout, including leading the crowd in round of ‘Happy Birthday’ for their bassist.

Some people have complained about the festival’s line-up deviating from heavy stuff, it’s here! A maelstrom of bodies were thrown together for a final pit that sent the boys off well. Heavier bands are having tough times at the moment, these are one of the ones that deserve to stay afloat. You’re a good person if you’re part of making it happen.

We meant to catch these boys at Takedown Festival, but were busy elsewhere at the time. Unfortunately, this means they missed out on entering the sleeveless band member competition (which originated here, it’s pretty obvious). But they’re not escaping that level of scrutiny.

Sleeveless member count: 4/5

Good score.

Here’s a sloppily recorded Vine of that final pit.

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