Queens Of Reading

August 26, 2017

Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but last night we snuck into Reading’s SECRET SET! And it was none other than… Queens Of The Stone Age! But of course it was, with NME following their every move, merchandise available to buy across the festival and fans crowing that the secret had been spilled. But we don’t mind! Because what could be more tantalising than a mysterious rumour shrouded in gossip? QotSA live of course.

We didn’t want to sit around somewhere at the back, so as soon as QotSA fans began forcing their way to the front, we jumped aboard that train – not realising that this would force us to the front of the mosh pit, becoming so close and personal with the crowd around us that we should probably get ourselves tested or marry them for the sake of public decency.

Amidst this PDA, the tension rose as QotSA forced fans to wait longer and longer for their (now late) entrance. Does it really take 3 separate people to sound check the same mic…? And of course, when the band finally did enter their stage, fans were hyped, wild and ready to scream their way into first song ‘No One Knows’ – what a way to open a show.

Lead singer Josh Homme didn’t even wait to finish the number before he threw his beer into the front row, posing like the rock and roll Queen he is. Guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, legs akimbo, strutted and thrusted his way back and forth acrossthe stage, possibly impregnating ladies at the front with only his eyes.

These guys may have been around for a while, but they are far from past it. Playing numbers such as ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’ and ‘The Way You Used To Do’, the band were perfectly co-ordinated, ferociously energetic and their years of practice and tours only added to the epic performance they gave. Every new song was each fan’s just-remembered personal favourite, and several members of the audience had to be removed from the front as more and more bouncing, yelling fans pushed their way to the front barrier.

Not only was every song lyric memorised and sung back to the leather clad QotSA, even riffs were hummed and clapped – the band could probably have gotten away with switching off their instruments halfway through. We’re glad they didn’t though, because the show was a massive pit of energy that has left us lusting after their 2017 Villains tour, desperate to hear the entirety of their new album and see more of the band that told us to do ‘every fucking thing (we) can this weekend’. Josh Homme, we will try to make you proud.

Set List:

1) No One Knows
2) Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
3) If I Had A Tail
4) The Way You Used To Do
5) My God Is The Sun
6) The Evil Has Landed
7) Little Sister

Reviewed by Becca Walker

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