Rolo Tomassi at Costa de Fuego 2012

July 23, 2012

And now for something completely different: Rolo Tomassi. Formed in 2005, whether you like them or not, this mathcore band from Sheffield are worth a mention because they really are something else. Why, you ask? Eva Spence is why. The feisty front woman is the only female screamo vocalist we’ve ever had the pleasure (or displeasure – it’s an acquired taste of sorts) to come across, and at Costa de Fuego this year, she killed it.

The crowd of metal heads instantly fell for the petite singer with the big voice, the rest of Rolo Tomassi equally exceptional on their instruments. Unfortunately, they were let down somewhat in the sections where Spence ditched her screams and shouts for good old fashioned melodies; her singing voice was much weaker. However, the overriding shock factor of her vocal ability meant that, without a doubt, she was a great asset to the band.

Swaying back and forth between extended experimental passages that sounded a bit like something you’d expect to hear from The Mars Volta at their most beautiful and progressive, to full on art rock – think the Blood Brothers – Rolo Tomassi kept the audience on their toes from start to finish. However, we feel obliged to warn you: while their overall sound is intriguing, it’s not for everyone. Nevertheless, when it comes to enteraining a crowd, it’s hard to fault them, for they know how to put on a feirce live show.

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