Sian Sanderson at Hop Farm 2012

June 29, 2012

A diminutive songstress, despite some killer heels, Sanderson has a boss of a voice. Strong and controlled with more delicate touches when appropriate. Armed with a backing band that either lean towards Pop-Jazz or Soft-Rock, depending on the song and your own personal definition of those genres. Effortlessly engaging between songs and only a cloth-eared simpleton could ignore her during them, Sanderson is one classy lady.

The highlight of the set was probably ‘Live It For You’. With a few stray hairs windswept across her face, Sanderson staunchly sang all sorts of good things about living your life for yourself and stuff. It was actually pretty moving, even emotional. It’s a side of her I’d like to see a bit more of.

During her song Constellations, Sanderson included a snippet of The Fugees’ Ready or Not. When it went a capella the crowd was totally silent, which is a rarity for a festival. Silent because they were all listening, not because there was nobody there. There were quite a few people there. It was a special moment.

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