Sigrid Live at Glastonbury 2022

June 24, 2022

One of the wonderful things about festivals is finding bands you’d never normally come across. At Glastonbury this is dialled up to about twenty seven, as you can enter a field and find the greatest strumming you’ll ever hear and a strange cloud… but in my case it was staying on at the John Peel Stage after Girl In Red to catch Sigrid. I wasn’t really sure what to expect…

… and several songs in I still wasn’t sure. She takes to the stage in a sparkling top and proceeds to band out a series of songs which cover rock, disco, electronica, pop and mainstream dad rock. It’s remarkable, you can’t settle for a minute at a time on what genre you’re watching, Sigrid slides between them all. As she stands by a guitarist jamming out or jumps about at the front you get the feeling she could conquer any genre she wanted, and if she’s blessed with health could have a hugely diverse career. Now, of course I’d heard her genre bending collab with Bring Me The Horizon… but that was streamed, and it’s eye opening for a full live set.

I do feel bad when Sigrid announces “this is an older one, I think you know it,” and literally everyone else in this tent does. But hey, nothing wrong with discovery. As the classy pop music continues, Sigrid unleashes her secret weapon: a song written specifically with Glastonbury in mind. Unless she says that for every festival…

We know what Sigrid’s doing tonight, because she noted that song Head on Fire was written with Griff, who also performed today, and they would be going for drinks later. Obviously if that’s not backstage and you see them in a field tweet us the photos.

Near the end, Sigrid pauses for a break and the crowd erupts into the loudest cheer I’ve heard all day. It strikes me that this perfectly pitched pop music would be best outside, in that rare Glastonbury sun we’ve got today, than in this dark tent. It would have really worked… but that’s put aside when Sigrid cracks out a piano.

She’s only sat for so long before she asks if we’re ready to dance. Well as best we can under current circumstances obviously, and more disco music washes over us. If anyone’s having more fun than Sigrid they’ve been in a news blocking bunker for six years. Or, let’s be honest, twenty four hours. There is something to be said for singing upbeat banger after upbeat banger, and the crowd is happy and vibing. When Sigrid promises to be staying for the whole festival, she gets the sort of cheer given to one of you.

For a moment there are boos… because Sigrid says the show has to end. So what’s my conclusion? It is still early evening, and there is a lot of festival to go, but if I was spilling out onto the street, with this being the end of the night, I’d be completely satisfied with the show that’s just been put on. This was not the easy to fall into trap of ‘indie band in a field’, this was ‘terrific and accomplished performer with full catalogue giving you a great time.’

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