Some dude busking by a fence at Hop Farm 2012

June 29, 2012

Nobody knows his name.

*UPDATE: Turns out his name is Jim*

Kazoo in mouth, resonator guitar in hand and drums attached to feet, he is the mysterious busker outside the entrance to Hop Farm.

He is joined by a guy playing the bass, although the amp seems to be switched off.

He gives us an elongated one-man-band version of Another Brick In The Wall, mixing up different parts of the song just for fun. This man knows no boundaries. He goes on to play the solo on a harmonica, who needs David Gilmour? Someone call up Roger Waters!

He begins to dance as he plays, dancing in a circle, eyeing people up as they come into the festival. Does he mean well? Does he mean harm? Nobody knows. Is his red shirt supposed to signify love, anger or just blood? The man is steeped in a great many mysteries.

Nobody knows his name. *I do now.* Nobody knows his story. All we have is the music.

A security guard that resembles a skinny Wayne Rooney looks on in the background, menacingly.

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