Spector live at Festival No 6

September 7, 2014

Spector haven’t quite lit the music scene up in the way that they, or their label, would have hoped. In some ways, they resemble a musical equivalent of an upside down crab; fully functional and capable, but usurped through circumstance and left flailing helplessly. The truth is, they are a solid guitar band but without the necessary, requisite morsels of individuality to stand out. As much as I hate the incorporation of business speak into the lexicon of art, they are without a USP.

Now, you may well say that there has always been swathes of derivative bands (particularly of the guitar variety) and this has never been a problem before, but this was during a different time. The landscape is not quite as receptive to electric guitar sounds as it was previously (save for the storming of the barricades that seems to be Royal Blood’s chart success of course). This particular ensemble create a commendable racket that sounds like 2007 shoved back into the present.

As a live proposition though, they compel. They confront technical setbacks with admirable professionalism (they suffer every guitarist’s nightmare of a mid-song mid-gig disaster – the loss of sound). Without a remedy in sight, the sound issues are valiantly battled and the band carry on. It can’t be said that the sight of a scurrying technician and frowning band member stage right isn’t a bit of a distraction, but the group motor on. Not one to truly believe in superstition, but he is also the one band member who has deviated from the shared stage attire of white t shirts. Instead, he has opted for a white buttoned up shirt number. Maybe this is just deserts for being difficult… Who knows?!

Introducing some new material from their upcoming second album, glistening ‘Stay High’ signposts more of the same but with an instantly infectious chorus that may yet rattle them out of their commercial stalemate.

Concluding their set with the one-two heavy punch of ‘Chevy Thunder’ and ‘Never Fade Away’, they leave the audience sated for their dose of energetic indie, if not entirely convinced as to the likely longevity of their career. The knowing debut album title of ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ never sounded more apt. They have the chops, but maybe it’s a case of right band, wrong time.

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