Streamer Focus: Steve Forward

June 19, 2023

There’s many ways to enjoy live music these days, and it doesn’t just involve going to a venue and standing there. For many people, going out to gigs is difficult, whether it be health, money or transport, and live streaming has opened up a whole new world. Now you can watch a diverse range of performers on a wide range of platforms, and enjoy played live music.

The quality of live streams vary greatly, but at the top of the highest tier is Steve Forward. A skilled guitar player and pianist who has played in bands and works on music for companies and performers, Steve has made the transition to streaming live shows. His main platform is Twitch, where he does 3 shows a week: mostly the ‘classic rock show’, where he effortlessly performs 60, 70s, 80, 90s and recent guitar classics, as well as his own material. Prince, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Blue Oyster Cult, you get the idea.

However, he’s started doing ‘chat and jams,’ where he’ll live loop and take you on twenty minute jam odysseys that include 80s pop and classical music. Sunday nights see him on YouTube for a more informal show with his wife (who also has her own streaming shows), and he’s also been on Kick and Instagram live.

Steve is a genuine man. He’s humble, funny, very skilled, and tries to put on the very best show, which is why the sound quality is brilliant, he’s made himself elaborate, multi-leveled backing tracks and visuals, and… oh well he’s mostly late, so hang around.

What’s more, he’s putting all his VODs on YouTube so you can have a classic rock party (or jam adventure) whenever you want, while his original material is on Spotify etc.

If you’re in on a Friday night, we absolutely recommend checking in about 10pm and enjoying his work. (And Mondays and Wednesdays)

So, some links:

And, of course, a while gig for you to enjoy right here:

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  1. Dan

    Steve never disappoints!

  2. RW

    This man works so hard to bring a show of the upper most quality, the guitar skills are from another planet. Steve is also very helpful outside of the stream when it comes to encouraging new streamers or people who just want to have a go at streaming, and is a bit of a wiz when it comes to OBS.

  3. Steve

    Thank you so much guys!


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