The 1975 – New Slang

August 2, 2013

Last night we travelled to McCluskey’s nightclub, Kingston for it’s fast becoming famous Thursday night ‘New Slang’… This week’s guests ManchesterMelancholic indie-rockers The 1975.

If you haven’t heard of the four pieced outfit yet, you’ve probably been hiding better than Osama did when those pesky Americans came snooping, as they’ve literally been played everywhere (despite not throwing out an album – coming along next month).

The small club venue was a sell-out and packed with a predominatly hip, but very cosmopoiltan crowd that suggests the band is already appealing to the masses… As soon frontman Matthew Healey appeared the crowd zoned…

Opening with ‘Head.Cars.Bending’ the crowd didn’t get going until a more familar drum beat kicked in, with the band launching into ‘The City’.

The next array of album tracks displayed, are all lined with a lot of promise, but the lack of familarity subdued the crowd slightly.

The highlight was without doubt the was when they Healey announced “Kingston, you may no this one”… then they dropped “Chocolate”. New Slang literally became a sweatbox, with everyone dripping but no one caring as the majority of the crowd echoed back the words.

Following this with the penultimate track of the night ‘Sex’ was equally crowd pleasing. delivered with raw poetic passion it really is a hit!

To be fair, there’s not many crowds who won’t be pleased by ‘sex’ and ‘chocolate’ but the lads got it spot on. There was more than enough through their 40min set to suggest The 1975 are set for big things! Look out for their self-titled debut album next month… and as we don’t want to leave you out. Here’s that sex we mentioned…

Mention’s most go to New Slangwhich is a great and very cheap night! They usually catch bands upon their album launch’s and throw in the CD with the ticket price (around about £10).

They’ve boasted some great names in the past, from; Vampire Weekend, The Vaccines to Miles Kane and they’ve even got… The 1975 coming up again, 5th Sept but this time with the album (why didn’t we wait).

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