The Cuban Brothers: Live Review at Black Deer by Becca Walker

June 17, 2022

Ready to club? Ready to club in the middle of a field to a Cuban threesome, complete with entertaining choreography that borders on a strip tease? This is not the music you would normally expect to find at a Country and Americana festival, but the Cuban Brothers are great so frankly, no one cares!

The lead singer Miguel Mantovani invites the audience back to his house and asks to see someone’s genitals within the first minute of entering the stage, and this sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the set. He introduces his act with, ‘we’re going to be gently fingering everyone… fingering you… fingering you… thank you for the big fisting everybody!’

The rest of the Cuban Brothers, clad in bright green suits to match Miguel’s green, flowery shirt, support the act with backing vocals and intermittent break dancing, as if this man needs any more stage presence beyond rapping about his ‘ex-girlfriend Davina McCall’.

The crowd lap up the comedy, sound and style this act has delivered for over 20 years, and more people are now on their feet than are squeezing into the shade. We’re all laughing along to masturbation jokes, the fact that most kids are at school today, and his introduction to ‘Young Dominico’ (one of the dancers, formerly known as ‘Huan Erection’.) Most of his dance then consists of suggestively taking his clothes off. I’m sure none of us would be surprised if that’s the direction this performance takes.

‘This one’s for the ladies…boys, girls, Cubans or crazies…’; the beats and vibes are strong and by song 3 no-one is too shy to dance and sing along. Especially when we’re asked to sing Happy Birthday to Kim in the crowd (50, happy birthday Kim!) before Miguel invites himself back to her tent later this evening.

By this time, we’re starting to wonder if this act is more stand up than music until the Cuban Brothers launch into ‘So Sweet’, and we’re clapping along to electronic Cuban once again.

‘I Hate Hate’ and ‘Mike for President’ quickly follow, demonstrating further Miguel’s rapping skills, before Kenny the Bastard is introduced for his dance along to Whitney Houston’s ‘I want to Dance With Somebody’ (post Bobby Brown, who apparently has a knee in the nuts coming from XXXX).

This is where the strip show really vamps up, revealing Kenny’s skin-tight, fringed body suit that leaves nothing to the imagination – or so we think, until Miguel removes all of his clothes apart from a lurid yellow thong, dry humps a man at the barrier and climbs into the crowd. His return to stage sees the mic placed in his butt crack, and we’re only slightly reassured when he gives it a wipe before the final song: a mash up of ‘I’m Coming Up’, ‘These Are The Good Times’, and ‘Never Too Much’ by Luther Van Dross.

A fabulous routine of comedy, beats, outrageous dance moves and more skin that we were expecting at 2 oclock on a Friday afternoon leaves us lusting for more a Miguel and his entourage dance their way off the stage.

Photos by David Court

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