The Datsuns at Hop Farm 2012

June 30, 2012

As Bruce Forsyth finished, a sizeable portion of the crowd drifted towards the Big Tent Stage to check out The Datsuns. If you don’t know The Datsuns, they’re a wild group of long-haired skinny Kiwis rocking at a ferocious volume. We’ve gone from a 15ish piece orchestra to a solid wall of amps (half Marshall, half Orange) in the space of a couple of minutes.

It’s a shift that a lot of the audience can’t quite deal with, I don’t think they’re quite ready to get unhinged. There’s something resembling a mosh pit at one point, but most of the crowd are content to stand and gormlessly watch. They’re enjoying it, but this is a rock show!

The Datsuns end their set with a balls-out monster called Motherfucker From Hell.

Motherfucker From Hell is fast.
Motherfucker From Hell is a thumping track where the title is bellowed at full volume.
Motherfucker From Hell is called Motherfucker From Hell.

Before we continue, let’s listen to the track quickly shall we?

Time for a Supajam sermon. When a rock song is called Motherfucker From Hell, and deserves such a name, then some sort of movement is recommended. Wiggle, shake, jump. You can nod too. You can even shout along if you like. It’s okay, you can swear. Your mother isn’t going to tell you off. I know this because she was very busy having sex, with me.

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