The Hype Theory at Takedown Festival

May 12, 2013

Sleeveless member count: 2.5/5

We have a code here. When writing about female musicians, or bands with females in, you try not to compare them immediately to other female artists. Putting the movement of sound particles into little gendered boxes is lazy and can really restrict how you ingest it. When trying to describe The Hype Theory, every fibre of your being is begging you to blurt out “THEY SOUND LIKE PARAMORE”.

You desperately want to avoid it, then you realise they’re the band that has a Facebook ad you keep seeing which basically says “Like Paramore? These guys are similar, come and try them.” At which point, it’s perfectly okay to compare them to Paramore.

But if you went in with the sole expectation of getting a Paramore clone, then you might get Paramore than you bargained for. Their catchy rawk with pop kicks is awfully Paramoreish, and something something something Paramore than meets the eye. Okay, we’re done with that.

Frontwoman Katy is a boisterous one who leads a pumped up charge. Slower number ‘If You Go Down’ has a giant chorus that deserves pained expression on bended knees perched atop the edge of cliffs. There’s a sense of drama, drama, and love kisses. It’s so easy to lose yourself in as there’s an effective mix of attitude and KIGH-esque manner in which the songs click.

Oh, and they’re also leading the sleeveless band member count. We cover the ish that matters here at Supajam.

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