The Wytches, Black Honey, The Traams

December 4, 2015

Last night we made the short trip down the road to our local venue to see one of the most exciting new bands we’ve heard in a while. Watching live music at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells feels a bit like having a gig in our own front room. It may be an old public toilet, but it wasn’t voted as Britain’s best small venue by NME for nothing.

Small capacity, big sound and first up tonight was The Traams. The trio had no trouble warming up the crowd with their steady beats and post punk riffs. Next to take the stage was Black Honey. A flamboyant Izzy B brought some vibrancy to the stage, as well as their lucky mascot Flamingo. She may look cute and colourful but there was no holding back from the front woman, as she announced her presence with a scream amending anyone fooled by her placid persona. Positive guitars hooks, big vocals and great melodies made for a pop rock sound we definitely expect to be hearing more of in the future.

We’re big fans of The Wytches here at Supajam and they exploded on stage just as we hoped they would. Phsycadellic rock riffs and stomach wrenching screams left us feeling like we’d been punched in the face repeatedly. As Lead singer Kristian Bell barked desperately into the mic, with his guitar hung low and his hair covering his face, it was impossible to ignore early Nirvana influence. Bursts of galloping drums kept the head banging surfer grunge from ever feeling predictable. Bell had no time for chat, a muttered ‘cheers’ between songs was all we got as Brighton’s surf rock three-piece powered through their set and didn’t miss a beat. There was an ambience of both Kurt and Courtney in the room tonight but it was Kurt who stole the show.

The Wytches’ debut album ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ came out last year on Heavenly Recordings. They finish up their tour tomorrow night in their hometown playing at The Haunt. See last night’s set list below:


Wide at midnight

A dead night again



Holy tight rope

Summer again

Robe for Juda

Tricks and Dance

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