We Butter The Bread With Butter at Takedown Festival

May 12, 2013

Sleeveless member count: 0/4

Stop. Admire that name. Now continue.

A circle pit has begun in the bowels of the Monster Stage and the band aren’t even on stage yet. People are so up for it that the band’s slow and menacing intro tape is enough of an excuse to get going.

Pulling off the classic “leather jacket’s all round” look, We Butter The Bread With Butter take the stage for the final show of their UK tour and their first ever UK festival appearance. Their initial sound is much heavier than their borderline comedic name would suggest. Yet Deathcore chugs and belly-scraping roars are supplemented with rave-y synths that wouldn’t be out of place in a Calvin Harris tune. It’s like a doom disco, but with fun at its heart

It’s demonic and threatening without ever veering into parody. Gothic grandeur is allowed to blossom in euphoric moments between the chaotic pulsations that come directly from Satan’s nightclub. A kid in a wheelchair is properly going for it on the edge of the pit, but as things get a bit hairy he’s nearly knocked over and backs off slightly. But kudos to him for fighting the good fight.

The band had searchlights attached to their jackets, they had confetti exploding from the ceiling, and they had massive white balloons. This sort of thing shouldn’t work with such an intense and crushing sound, yet when it happens it’s perfect fit becomes obvious. By the end of the set, vocalist Paul is carried aloft the crowd with everyone wanting their skin to touch his. At least one security guard ignores his duty and gets involved in the mosh.

At a Rock festival it can be difficult to really stand out. Plenty of acts here could’ve swapped songs and nobody would’ve noticed. But by God, here was something different. It won’t be to everybody’s taste, but this was a refreshing splash of dynamite right in the bum’ole of the musical scene. They’re already playing to sizeable crowds in their native Germany, they will only get bigger over here. We welcome them with open arms.

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