Wet Leg Live at Glastonbury 2022

June 24, 2022

I’m going to say Wet Leg were the most anticipated set of Glastonbury 2022, even if that’s only true of me… and that set kicked off early on a Friday afternoon so there wasn’t much waiting! In their touring form Wet Leg comprise the heart of the group – Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers – and three additional performers no one cares about.

They took to the stage in diaphanous white gowns you expect to see running round the stone circle at sunrise, so let’s hope that happens, and it was all smiles from the pair: there was absolutely no hint of fear at making their Glastonbury debut after a meteoric rise, just the good natured grins we’ve come to expect. In fact, they laughed after looking at the crowd and called out the people in 6 foot lobster costumes, as well as an Isle of Wight flag, for giving them energy.

Then it was a case of this small thing called music. Any audience cobwebs are blown away early on when the song demands we scream for as loud and long as we can, then it’s a kilter through Wet Leg’s growing catalogue. There’s tender moments, punky moments (such as when they ask to be abducted by UFOs) and songs which sound much more innocent than they really are. This isn’t an aggressive act, this is the sound of relaxing in a field in the light, having an indie frug, moments of surf mixed with pastoral Britishness and wry punk: Wet Leg are perfect for this time and place. Everyone here seems to think so too.

With one eye on where Wet Leg go from here, they absolutely could rise up the times and stages as they evolve and write more material. They’re already good, and we’d seek them out at festivals again, but every song has flashes of where they could go, and it’s intriguing to think, even after a year of the hypest hype, we might we able to look back on this is a decade or two and say oh yeah, we were there for Wet Leg’s first appearance, right at the start of the festival.

They finish with Chaise Lounge, still grinning, still half laughing, enjoying every single drop of this, as cool as if this was just a summer fete. The coolest people at this festival.

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